02 March 2011

Leonard Arthur Hacking (1875-1943)

Leonard Arthur Hacking was born on 20 Jan 1875, in the town of Blackburn, Lancashire, England.  Around the time of his birth, Blackburn was known as the "weaving capital of the world" due to its many cotton mills in existence.  Leonard's parents were John Hacking, a bookeeper in the washing machine business and traveling salesmen for home furniture, and Miriam Blacklidge.

Leonard grew up with this family in the Municipal ward of Saint Peter, and Ecclesiastical district of Saint Luke; Blackburn, Lancashire, England.

St. Luke's Church, Blackburn, Lancashire
On 09 Feb 1893, Leonard arrived on the ship Catalonia in Boston, Massachusetts.  His occupation listed on the passenger list, is that of a cabinet maker.  He quickly arrived in Philadelphia, as he posted an advertisement in the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1895 looking for work:

We know Leonard moved back to Blackburn, Lancashire, England between 1895 and 1898, however we are not quite sure why.  Did he leave to marry someone specifically and bring back to America?  Did he leave America because he could not afford to live on his own there?  

On 10 Nov 1898, Leonard married Elizabeth Alica Slater, daughter of George Slater.  In 1900, Leonard left Liverpool once again for America.  He, his wife, and their first born child John Slater Hacking, arrived in Ellis Island on 18 Aug 1900, aboard the ship "Lucania".

In 1905, Leonard, his wife and three children are living at 712 North Uber St, Philadelphia, PA.  He posted an advertisement looking to hire a carpenter, with minimum three years experience.  

  Unfortunately, Leonard fell on tough times.  On 08 Jul 1913, Leonard was arrested for robbery of a house dwelling.  He was pointed out as the suspect, and had the local police man on a foot chase for some time.  Leonard was captured, when he tripped and fell.  He was caught with $200 in jewels.  He told the officer he stole to aid his family of five children.

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Leonard tried the art of metalworking, but went back to carpentry work on his own account.  His son John Slater worked with his father.  He continued his own carpentry business, named The Ideal Co., until his death in March of 1943, at the age of 68.

(Leonard Arthur Hacking's World War I Draft Reg. Card)

Leonard Arthur Hacking and Elizabeth Alice Slater had the following children:
  • John Slater Hacking (29 Oct 1898)
  • Lillian Hacking (01 Oct 1901)
  • Ida Louise Hacking (abt 1905)
  • Leonard Arthur Hacking (29 Aug 1908)
  • George E. Hacking (04 Oct 1910)
  • Harvey Hacking (10 Nov 1914)

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