20 March 2011

Edward Valentine Eckert (1848 - 1933)

Edward was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in April of 1848, a child to Valentine Eckert, a civil war vet, and Mary Ann Lloyd.  After Edward's birth, the family quickly moved to Newark, NJ.

Edward grew up in the jewelery business, as his father and brother, Charles were in the business.  Edward bounced around Newark and Irvington, NJ in the late 19th century.  He lived with his father, and brother before marrying Harriet Elizabeth Adams, in 1874.
Edward V. Eckert and Harriet E. Adams
Harriet is believed to have John Quincy Adams, President of the USA, in her family tree.  Edward and Harriet had four children:

  • Raymond Eckert (1876-1898)
  • Walter Lewis Eckert (1879-1951)
  • Howard Haines Eckert (1883-1964)
  • May Anna Eckert (1887-1983)

Edward died in October of 1933.  

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