24 April 2012

Surnames From our Family Tree

These are the surnames I am researching in my family tree.  Along with a quick blurb.  If you have any relation, please contact me!

Eckert - Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Valentine Eckert, born in Pennsylvania abt 1817, died in Newark, NJ on 27 Jul 1882.  He was a Union Soldier in the American Civil War

DeCamp - New Jersey
Laurens DeCamp, a hugenot that arrived in 1664 to New Netherland.

Devine - Ireland to New Jersey
John Joseph Devine, son of Peter Davin was a Justice of Peace in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Hacking - Lancashire, England to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Hackings were masons, from Blackburn.  Leonard Arthur Hacking was the first to come to America.

Slater - Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Binns - New York to Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
William Binns was born about 1833 in New York.  Many of the Binns in my line were Master Painters from Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Holt - Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 
Elwood Holt married into the local famous family of the Kenderdines.  His son, Sanford, ran his own hotel.  They were in and around Horsham, Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania.

Nestel - Betzingen, Wurttemburg, Germany to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Martin Nestel (1841-1899) came to America in 1862, and became a baker.

Hart - Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Patrick Hart came to America in 1849, and lived most of his place at Ledger Place in Philadelphia,

Flynn - Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Michael Flynn was born on 23 Dec 1862, and immigrated from Ireland between 1881-1885.

Greider - Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dating back to the famous Martin Greider of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Forester - Ireland

Jordan - Wexford, Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania