25 February 2011

Peter Gochenauer Greider (1822-1874)

Peter Gochenauer Greider was born on 24 Oct 1822 in East Hempfield Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  He was born the son of Peter Greider and Elizabeth Gochenauer.  All of Peter's siblings took the mother's maiden name as their middle name.  Peter G Greider was married to Elizabeth Ann Spring.  On some census records and town maps, Peter's last name is shown as Krider/Kreider.  Peter's father was buried as Peter Greider, however his mother was buried as Elizabeth Kreider.

On 28 Sep 1848, Peter purchased, from John M. Bear, land on the north side of the Lancaster-Harrisburg Pike, nearby Jacob Minnich's hotel.  In the 1850 census, Peter Krider [sic] had real estate on this land valued at $600.  It is apparent that Peter was employed by his neighbor, Simon Minnich, at his hotel.  On H.F. Bridgens' 1853 map of East Hempfield, P. Kreider is shown as owning that land.

Peter sold this land in 1855 to John Landis.  He must have moved to the city of Lancaster, where in the 1860 Census, Peter was shown as a hotel proprietor.  Peter, along with Henry Bard, split the purchase of the Keystone Hotel on 01 Sep 1866, from Hugh M. North.  The hotel was a three-story brick building, on the west side of North Queen St, between Chestnut and Walnut Sts.

Peter G. and Henry Bard sold this property on 01 Apr 1871 to George Hurting, for $15,000.  The property was bought for $3,200 less than their selling price 5 years prior.  

Peter's father passed away 31 Aug 1871, and had bequeathed his residence in East Hempfield Twp, which was 38 acres, 119 perches, 2 story brick home, and barn.  Peter sold this property to his brother, Joseph on 18 Jan 1873.

Peter purchased a 2 story brick home, on the east side of N. Prince St, for $6,500 from Jacob and Maria Shirk.  This purchase was made on 26 Sep 1873.  Peter must have been aware that his alcohol abuse was taking a toll on his body, and that his death was around the corner.  As two months prior to his death, Peter sold his residence to his son Frank, whom transferred the property to his mother, Elizabeth.

The following news item appeared while Peter was living at this residence:
Found Dead - On Wednesday evenening, at 7 O'Clock, Christian Eshleman, the sexton at Grace Lutheran church, was found dead in the stable of Peter Grider [sic] by a young man named George F. Anderson.  It appears that he lived with Mr. Greider, and on Wednesday evening, about supper time he became very sick and vomited very much.  A son of Mr. Greider's carried the sick man to the stable, and laid him upon a bed, which he usually occupies at night.  In a short while afterward he was discovered lying stiff and cold, by Mr. Anderson, who immediately ran for Dr. Downey, who resides close by.  When the physician arrived, the man was a corpse.  Corner Bair was notified of the occurrence and summoned a jury, who, duly investigating the case, returned a verdict of "death by apoplexy".
 Without a written will, Peter passed away from intemperance (alcoholism), on 06 Feb 1874.  He is buried right along New Holland Ave, in the Lancaster Cemetery.

Peter and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Sarah Ann Greider (b abt 1848)
  • Franklin B. Greider (b. abt 1850)
  • Barbara Greider (b. abt 1852)
  • Harry Greider (b. abt 1854)
  • William Edward Greider (b. abt 1859)
  • Catherine (Katie) Greider (b. 1863 - d. 1871)
  • Mary Greider (b. 1865 - d. 1867)

(Quote on Tombstone: "He is not dead but sleepeth")

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