21 February 2011

Martin Nestel (1841-1899)

Martin Nestel was born on 13 May 1841, in Betzingen, which is a large suburb of Reutlingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.  He was born the son of Johann Georg Nestel (b. 26 Jun 1814) and Anna Maria Digel (b. 28 Dec 1816).  He was baptized in the German Lutheran Church on 14 May 1841.  Some Nestel descendants believed their family came from Alsace-Lorraine.  Baden-Wuerttemberg was on the opposite side of the Rhine River form the Alsace region.  Although it is possible Martin crossed the Rhine to live at some point, it is not a known fact.  As seen on the map below, Baden is bordering the Alsace region.

While growing up in Germany, Martin learned the trade of a Weaver.  Based on later records, it appears Martin was a basket-weaver.  In April 1862, Martin made application to emigrate Germany.  Martin arrived at Castle Garden, New York on 30 Jun 1862 on the vessel "Atalanta" with his mothers cousin, Gottlob Kurz.  The voyage took 40-50 days.  By the end of the trip, the "bread was usually moldy, the butter rancid, and the water almost undrinkable."  

On 02 Nov 1866, Martin renounced his allegiance to the King of Wuerttemberg, and became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America.  In the 1870 US Federal Census, Martin was living with the Kurtz family, as a baker.  This Kurtz family, is presumably related to the same Gottlob Kurz that Martin arrived to America with.  In about 1870, Martin Nestel married Anna Catherine Hohmann, from Allegheny Co., Pa.  They had their first child, John Hohman Nestel, on 03 Aug 1871, while residing at 2034 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Martin's first home ownership was in Riverside, Burlington Co, New Jersey on 01 Jul 1874.  He purchased his first home from Bartholomew Schmid, "Numbered 236 and 237 in the Plan of Progress (now Riverside)", for $1,000.

Martin and his wife, Anna Catherine had five children, all boys.  
  • John Hohman Nestel (b. 03 Aug 1871)
  • Charles Jacob Nestel (b. 15 Dec 1873)
  • Edward Peter Nestel (b. 26 Oct 1875)
  • Martin John Nestel (b.25 Nov 1878)
  • George Henry Nestel (b. 1880 - d.1888)
Martin Nestel died on 27 Jan 1899 from Croupous Pneumonia.  He was buried at the German Lutheran Cemetery of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The remains at this cemetery have since been removed to Philadelphia Memorial Park.


Cindy said...

This is so amazing to read Brian, I am looking forward to following your blog. It was interesting to see one of Martin's children has the same birthday as me...Dec. 15th. Pretty cool. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My Nestel connection is further back with Elizabeth who died in 1729 and married Hans Jacob Goz(Goss and ultimately evolved in the US to Ghost and Coast!!) Very nice to run across you!! I am putting my tree on Ancestry Would love to link up there if you are interested! my e-mail: lindinha1954@yahoo.com