14 September 2011

Wedding Wednesday - 14 Sep 2011

The idea for Wedding Wednesday was brought to me by Geneabloggers.
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John Hohman Nestel married Mary Teresa Hart on 30 Dec 1897 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
The bright light was the flash from my camera, as I was taking a photo of a photo!  It was very delicate and was in my grandparents house, and didn't want to be -that- person to destroy an old photo!

John Martin Nestel married Agnes Flynn about 1930 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
The above photo is of the wedding party.  Second one in from left is John M Nestel.  Third man in is my GrGr Grandfather, Michael Flynn.

Sanford Edwin Holt married Anna Louisa Kerns on 14 Oct 1885 in Pennsylvania, USA.
They are my GrGrGr Grandparents.

The marriage return for my GrGr Grandparents, William Edward Greider, Sr. and Elizabeth Forester.
They never lived in New Jersey, however Camden is just over the river from Philadelphia, their normal residence.
I always wonder what had them marry in New Jersey.
 The date on the return is 24 Sep 1889
This is my wedding day.  We tried to imitate the non-smiling, male sitting, woman standing.  I added a sepia tone.
21 May 2011, Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA

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Wendy said...

I enjoyed looking at all your wedding photos and seeing the styles through the ages. Let's hope your wedding photo doesn't confuse the heck out of your g-g-g-grandchildren. HA!