24 July 2011

Johannes Heinrich Hohman (1806-1878)

Johannes Hohman was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany about 1806.  Johannes came to America in about 1850, possibly preceded by his son, Henry.  Mr. Hohman became known as John Hohman in America.  Prior to his arrival, he married Gertraude Catherine Pepler (or Fritz).  He continued his shoemaking trade, settling in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  He lived in the North Side of Pittsburgh for some years, before moving to Ohio Township, Pennsylvania, where he purchased a farm.

John Hohman made his declaration of intent to become an American citizen on 10 Jan 1854.  He became fully naturalized 16 Aug 1856.  On his naturalization papers, his good friend (and eventual neighbor) John George Schoop bore witness to Mr. Hohman's renouncing of allegiance to the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt.

The surname Hohman was used as a middle name to his grandchild, John Hohman Nestel, my Great Great Grandfather.  As of the 1870 Census, John and his wife could not read nor write in English.

Prior to his death, John's will was written on 16 Jun 1875 as follows:

"]It is signed John Hohmann.  In it, his son Adam is named executor.  After debts were paid, he made the following bequests: to son John - all property not otherwise disposed of; to son Henry and daughter Anna Catherine, wife of Martin Nestle of Philadelphia, such portion of the mortgage which he held against his son Adam as may then remain unpaid to be divided among them share and share alike said portion or balance; since he had sold him the farm at a generous price, Adam was to receive $5.00 and the feather bed; his son John was to receive ever;ything not otherwise assigned.  The family belonged to the German Lutheran Church.  Gertrude is buried at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran 
Church, Perry Highway, Pgh.  They had 4 grown children."

John and Catherine had the following children:
  • George Heinrich (Henry) Hohman (11 Sep 1827 - 30 Jan 1907)
  • Adam Hohman (Feb 1829 - 26 Sep 1907)
  • Anna Catherine Hohman (1840 - 31 Mar 1899)
  • John Frederick Hohman (1843 - 1910)

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